FUTURE non-state pension fund becomes general partner of the Russian Olympic Committee

April 27, 2016. 100 days before the start of the Summer Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro, in the premises of the Russian Olympic Committee Innovations Center, the great ceremony of signing a partnership agreement between the Russian Olympic Committee (the ROC) and Future non-state pension fund was held. The ceremony was attended by Mr. Aleksandr Zhukov, President of the ROC, Mr. Boris Mints, Chairman of the Management Board of O1 Group, Mr. Vladimir Sengleyev, General Director of the ROC, and Mr. Nikolai Sidorov, General Director of Future non-state pension fund.

Future non-state pension fund, in its new capacity of the General Partner of the Russian Olympic Committee and Russia’s Olympic Team, will take part in the implementation of the ROC program designed to prepare Russian athletes to the 31st Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro to be held on August, 5–21, 2016, as well as to the Winter Olympic Games of 2018 in Pyeongchang (South Korea).

In addition, the Fund will act as a partner within the scope of “The Russian Team”, a new large scale ROC project, which is declared as one of the leading nation-wide projects in the elite and grassroots sports in the country through the consolidation of all national teams, athletes and fans under the colors of the Russian flag.

The social mission of this program is to hold the Russian people together inspired by patriotism, love of country and its heroes, and respect to the core values and principles of the Russian statesmanship through promotion of sports and achievements of the Russian athletes of all levels and for all layers of the audience.

Within the framework of its marketing program and based on the above Partnership Agreement, the Russian Olympic Committee will grant a package of rights to Future non-state pension fund allowing it to use the symbols of the Russian Olympic Committee, the Russian National Olympic Team and the Russian Team in the activity of the Fund to achieve various goals and objectives.

Nikolai Sidorov, General Director of FUTURE non-state pension fund: ” FUTURE is a socially oriented business serving over 4 million customers all over the country. Our principal goal is to guarantee their financial prosperity and well-being on retirement, and we share the values of the Olympic movement, such as the aspiration for a bright future, and the all-out and harmonious development of personality. Thanks to our partnering with the ROC, we obtained an opportunity to support the elite sport and to popularize it among dozens of millions of citizens who will watch the Olympic Games all over the country”.

Boris Mints, Chairman of the Management Board of O1 Group: ”We take the involvement in this project very seriously, and we will do our best to be a worthful partner of the Russian Olympic Committee. Within the scope of its partnership with the ROC, our company will continue to implement the strategy aimed at involvement in major international sport-related projects. FUTURE is a major non-state pension fund present in many regions of Russia. This project not only will allow us to present the FUTURE brand in new sports segment, but also to strengthen our positions on the pension services market of Russia. No doubt, the Olympic movement facilitates the realization of the top priority of the National Policy of Russia, which is promotion of healthy life styles, upbringing the younger generation, and development of the grassroots sports. Alongside with the active development of the investment business, we are focused on the sports and social oriented programs, and this arrangement with the Russian Olympic Committee represents a spectacular example of such work”.

President of the ROC Aleksandr Zhukov: “FUTURE fund has become a partner of the Russian Olympic Committee within the scope of the Olympic cycle of 2016-2018. No doubt, this involvement into the marketing program of the ROC will significantly contribute to the further progress of the elite and grassroots sports in Russia and will allow the ROC to implement, to the maximum extent possible, its strategic objective of preparation of the Russian athletes and to support the participation of the National Olympic Teams of the Russian Federation in the Games of the 31st Olympics in Rio de Janeiro in 2016 and the 23rd Winter Olympic Games of 2018 in Pyeongchang. We are happy to invite our new partner to our Olympic family and are looking forward to a long-term cooperation for a mutual benefit”.

Vladimir Sengleyev, General Director of the ROC: ”This signing of the Partnership Agreement is a major breakthrough in the whole Olympic movement in Russia. The ROC is not only engaged in the preparation of the Russian Olympic Team to the Games, but it also supports the development of the grassroots sports, in particular, within the scope of the ’Olympic Country’ program. I am totally confident that the activities arranged in all regions of our country within this program will successfully go hand with the tasks set by our new partners”.


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