FUTURE Financial Group announces the results of its IPO

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October 28, 2016. FUTURE Financial Group, one of the largest financial groups that manage pension funds in Russia, has announced the notice given by the Company's controlling shareholder, O1 Group, whose beneficial owner is Boris Mints about the results of its initial public offering (IPO) of ordinary shares of FUTURE on the Moscow Stock Exchange.

The offer price was set at RUR 1,190 per share, which is equivalent to the market capitalisation of the company at RUR 58.5 billion.

The offer resulted in the sale of 9,834,945 shares for a total of RUR 11.7 billion.

As a result of the offer, 20% of the company’s shares are now being traded on the open market.

Settlement will be carried out today, 28 October 2016. Secondary sales of the shares (share code FTRE) will begin today, at around 15:00 Moscow time. The company plans to keep the number of shares on offer unchanged for 180 days after the Offer Date. O1 Group plans a moratorium on the sale of the shares for 180 days after the Offer Date.

VTB Capital is the exclusive global coordinator and book runner. Aton is the book runner for the offering.

Marina Rudneva, CEO of FUTURE Financial Group, said: “The FUTURE Financial Group IPO has attracted significant interest in a wide circle of investors. The shares are over-subscribed, with supply at the IPO price exceeding demand by more than 1.2 times. We took a large volume of orders, including more than 1 000 from private investors. We are satisfied with the results of the IPO and believe that it is an important 


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