Andrey Barinsky and Vladimir Zubrilin become shareholders in O1 Properties

December, 30 2015 The investment company O1 Properties, one of the largest owners of A-class office property in Moscow, has announced changes in its shareholder structure. Andrey Barinsky and Vladimir Zubrilin, co-owners of the company Forum Properties, have bought out an additional issue of O1 Properties' shares, amounting to 5.88% of its capital.

Dmitry Mints, Chairman of the O1 Properties' Board of Directors, said: “In the current conditions, such an increase in the capital base through the involvement of core investors is, undoubtedly, a very positive event. We welcome our new shareholders and we are pleased that Mr. Barinsky and Mr. Zubrilin, as real estate market professionals with many years’ experience and expertise, appreciate so highly the management quality, achievements and development prospects of O1 Properties. The funds received from the new shareholders will be used for refinancing the loan debt burden and developing the company’s portfolio.”

Andrey Barinsky said: “Since O1 Properties was first established, it has been able to demonstrate active development whatever the market conditions. In the current climate, the company has one of the highest quality portfolios, together with a lower than average vacancy rate. O1 Properties is developing a business-strategy which is unique for the Russian market, and the company has one of the highest international credit ratings in the industry. Its shareholders include well-known Russian and international companies, and we are glad that we have had an opportunity to participate in this successful, clear and transparent business. Furthermore, this is the right time to join the business – when the real estate market recovers, we will be able to sell our shares at a higher price, should we wish to.”

Information about Andrey Barinsky and Vladimir Zubrilin
Andrey Barinsky and Vladimir Zubrilin are Russian businessmen and co-owners of the company Forum Properties. They have been working in the real estate market since 1992. Among the projects they have implemented are: the Aurora Business Park and Ermitazh Plaza business centres, in addition to the Posolskoe Podvorye, Rimsky Dom and Park Residence elite residential complexes.


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