Private pension funds

In 2013 O1 Group set up a pension asset management business, building on the Group’s successful financial market and fund management experience as the owner of Otkrytiye Financial Company. In the period from 2013 to 2016 the O1 Group made a number of acquisitions of private pension funds: Telecom Soyuz, Stalfond (merged witjh FUTURE in 2015), FUTURE (the new name of Blagosostoyanie OPS), Uralsib, Obrazovaniye and Our Future (the former name of the Russian Standardt fund). 

O1 Group pension unified its pension fund management business in 2016 by the creation of a new FUTURE Financial Group.

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FUTURE Financial Group is one of the largest pension asset managers in Russia

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  • Providing the conditions for assets growth
  • Developing of competitive and stable business
  • Offering high-quality products and services