CA Immo is a real estate company listed on the ATX index of the Vienna Stock Exchange. The company specialises in office properties in Central European capitals and controls property assetsof around €3.7 bn.

  • O1 Group acquired 16,35% share in CA Immo in October 2014. 
  • In February 2015 the company increased it’s share up to 26%.
  • In August 2016 O1 Group sold it’s share to Immofinanz AG.


Stalfond was founded in 1996 and was ranked amongst the TOP-10 of largest private pension funds in Russia by the total number of people insured under the compulsory pension insurance program and  by the total volume of managed assets.

  • O1 Group acquired StalFond in 2013.
  • The fund completed all the formalities and was included in the system of guaranteeing of rights of insured persons.
  • In 2016 StalFond was associated with FUTURE non-state pension fund and formed one of the leading funds operating in compulsory pension insurance system. 

immofinanz cut.jpg

Immofinanz is a public company focused on investments in commercial real estate in CEE markets. The company owns and manages a portfolio of 384 properties worth €5.8 bn. Immofinanz is listed on the Vienna and Warsaw Stock Exchanges.

  • Providing the conditions for assets growth
  • Developing of competitive and stable business
  • Offering high-quality products and services