O1 Group is a private, European-focused investment holding company which owns and manages assets in promising sectors in Central and Eastern Europe

The O1 Group operates as a long-term strategic investor, overseeing a diversified portfolio of best-in-class companies with added-value opportunities within core markets of real estate and finance. The company’s professional team engages in the strategic development of these assets with a view to improving their financial performance and maximising return. O1 Group works with leading international organisations and financial institutions that support its growth and help to ensure the success of current and future projects.



O1 Properties and FUTURE Pension Fund are Rated in TOP-500 Largest Companies of Russia

The ranking draws upon the analysis of financial statements, the companies being ranked by their revenue in 2015.



Non-Governmental Pension Funds Managed by O1 Group Summed Up Results of Operations in H1 2016

The Group is ranked #4 in Russia by the number of insured persons and volume of pension savings 

  • Providing the conditions for assets growth
  • Developing of competitive and stable business
  • Offering high-quality products and services